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November 29: International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People | Print |
Monday, 28 November 2011 14:40
The modern history of Palestine sums 63 years of barbaric and inhuman occupation in violation of international law.

Today Palestinians live under apartheid, discrimination and violent colonization. Palestine is a vast prison. Palestinian territories are controlled by scattered Israeli military checkpoints, the wall of shame and the inhumane blockade of Gaza.

The violence used by Israel against Palestinians has exceeded all limits. Arbitrary mass arrests, torture and inhuman isolation of political prisoners, including children, allegedly targeted assassinations, bombings on civilians, excessive use of force against peaceful protesters, forced displacement, attacks against humanitarian mission ships in international waters are daily phenomena that keep alive the memory of crimes in Sabra and Shatila in Qana, in Marwahin and the bombing of Gaza in 2009. How can one forget the order of "progressive" Rabin to stone-break the hands of children throwing stones at tanks.

The economic strangulation is also a super weapon in the hands of Israel, as it prevents Palestinians of means of survival by stealing water, destroying or contaminating crops and soils and prohibiting economic, productive and trading activities. The bureaucratic, administrative and legal obstacles that the State of Israel requires make it impossible for Palestinian exports and imports of raw materials.

A whole people is driven to extinction in front of the international community and the hypocrisy of the western world that in the name of human rights, has been conducting “humanitarian wars” in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Fair Planet denounces

  1. The occupation of Palestinian lands and natural resources
  2. The Israeli continuing offensive in Palestinian territories
  3. The cruel blockade of Gaza
  4. Torture, racism and the humiliation suffered by the Palestinian people
  5. Impunity of Israeli crimes

Moreover, it joins its voice with those who fight against this inhuman policy, calling for recognition of the Palestinian State within the borders outlined by the UN and the release of all Palestinian political prisoners.


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