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Fair Planet

We live in a world of indifference where the profit overrides human dignity and life itself. We think that poverty does not result from the lack of wealth but of its unequal distribution and that it is maintained and reproduced by certain policies. Each day, world trade is defrauding the poor countries of 1.3. Billion dollars.

Fair Planet was born as we refuse our children to inherit a physically and morally contaminated world.

Fair Planet is a Greek humanitarian organization aiming to provide humanitarian aid in the form of emergency  or  development assistance both to Greece and worldwide.
Our objective is to contribute to social and economic development of people and communities facing humanitarian crises and problems deriving either from natural disasters or political, social and economic factors, by offering humanitarian work and solidarity to populations at risk, without prejudice, regardless of race, creed or nationality.

Climate change resulting natural disasters, deadly infections, war, and policies that lead to extreme poverty create serious humanitarian crises in which Fair Planet is invited to intervene.

Join us to:

  • combat poverty 
  • strive for equal opportunities to life 
  • intervene for peace 
  • offer solidarity to people and citizens in need 
  • Defend human rights
  • fight for a better world

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